SCHNEEBERGER - The solidity of a long tradition

  • 2017

    corvusNGBany size goes !
    The machine for producing and regrinding broaching tools, granulating cutters, racks and much more excited the technical visitors at the EMO show with extended travel paths, more power, faster feed speeds and modern design. The displayed model featured over 2,100 mm axis travel path in the X direction and 400 mm in Y and Z. The stability and turning torque were increased again.

  • 2016

    New talent for SCHNEEBERGER tool and cutter grinding machines.
    Another member of the new grinding machine range could now be introduced at GrindTec 2016: ariesNGP. It might be a slim 99 cm wide, but it’s no lightweight. The new product’s 1700 kg weight gives it stability. With a total height of 1 m 76 cm, it has attractive proportions.

  • 2015

    New spaces for Schneeberger China
    Our Chinese subsidiary has moved to new premises at about 10 km south from the current location, on Shui Ge Road No. 8. The new headquarters offers a significantly more space and takes account of the development of our company.

  • 2015

    sirius NGS, microns or less!

    The machine for high precision engineering. New compact design, requiring only 3 m2 (28 ft2) of space, ideal 6-axis kinematic concept, linear and torque motor technology, 6-axis robot from Fanuc, 2-pallet loader and optional grinding wheel loader with 7 changing positions.

  • 2015

    geminiNGM, you name it!
    The powerful and multifaceted high-tech grinding machine for countless production challenges. The Fanuc robot with 2- or 4-pallet loader, in combination with the grinding wheel loader with 14 or 25 positions, high torque of the direct drive grinding spindle motor, with power of up to 24 kW (31 Hp), workpieces with lengths of up to 450 mm (17 ¾"), and allow use of grinding wheels with diameters of up to 300 mm (12").

  • 2015

    New premises for Schneeberger Germany
    Our German subsidiary in Weissach near Stuttgart has relocated to new premises. The company‘s move has taken it just 800 m from the old location, Im Neuenbühl 16, to a brand new building. The new company office offers considerably more space and therefore allows for future growth of the company.

  • 2014

    norma NGC, GrindTec 2014. State Secretary, Franz Josef Pschierer, the General Secretary of the Central Association of German Trades, Holger Schwannecke, and the president of theFDPW, Jürgen Baldus played a central role at this premiere. The machines from the new ngc series were exhibited in three different versions.

  • 2013

    geminiTAPtap production Specially developed for the production of taps, this new machine was first introduced at the EMO 2013 in Hannover. The taps are manufactured complete, flute, thread, lead angle and end all in one clamping.

  • 2013

    Moving the office to its new location in Affi, Verona, a strategic location in Italy. More space for demonstrations, storage and machine rebuilds.

  • 2011

    Schneeberger is increasingly also specialising in installing peripheral systems. Development and construction of filter system for both oil and emulsion, with a filtration level of 5 microns. High-pressure pumps and cooling units complete the range.

  • 2009

    High performance in tool grinding. Schneeberger developed a hob cutter grinding machine with a 40 kW grinding motor and to use grinding discs

    with diameters of up to 500 mm.

  • 2008

    The most modern and complete grinding software on the market was introduced. Schneeberger sets new benchmarks. The modern grinding software!

  • 2007

    The NORMA microTools grinds the smallest diameter. Micro tools or applications in medical engineering are the showpieces of Schneeberger's latest development.

  • 2006

    New, flexible manufacturing concept with FMS for important mechanical parts. 58 workpiece pallets, 400 tools.

  • 2006

    The vision system is introduced for identifying the positions of workpieces during cutting insert production on the SIRIUS hpm. Flexible, autonomous mass production!

  • 2006

    VSW, the grinding process for complicated profiles is patented. The V-shaped wheels grinding process

    is a new process with s V-shaped grinding disc pad for perfect grinding results.

  • 2005

    August: Formation of the subsidiary in Nanjing, China

  • 2005

    New building in Roggwil


    Extension for mechanical and electrical installation, fitting shop and storage facility

  • 2004

    dxQ profile software


    Revolutionary grinding software with ergonomic controls for sophisticated profile tools

  • 2004

    Flexible automation:


    First joint arm robot in the tool grinding sector

  • 2004

    US subsidiary moves to its new location on Gateway Drive in Elgin, IL. More space for demonstrations and for the spare parts warehouse

  • 2003

    SIRIUS linear50nano


    New standards in precision

  • 2003

    VARIOpallet and easyVARIO

    World première of the patented VARIO concept

  • 2001

    CORVUS gds 26 KW 

    Ample stability, grinding and cooling capacity. The production machine par excellence.

  • 1999

    The new QUINTO-NT version was introduced at the EMO trade fair in 1999.

  • 1997

    The new production and administration premises were opened in January 1997.

  • 1997

    Optical profile control

    Optical Profile Control (1997) on the grinding machine introduced the principle of in-process measuring into tool grinding. The tool profile is examined for compliance with setpoint values by means of a high resolution CCD camera, and any profile deviations are corrected automatically.

  • 1994

    J. Schneeberger Corp (USA) established and opened

    The branch was opened to better cover the North American market for sales, service and spare parts.

  • 1993

    J. Schneeberger Italy srl inaugurated

    The branch was opened to better cover the Italian market for sales, service and spare parts.

  • 1992

    J. Schneeberger Maschinen GmbH (Germany) established and inaugurated

    The branch was opened to better cover the German market for sales, service and spare parts.

  • 1991

    J. Schneeberger SARL (France) Service opened

    The branch was opened to better cover the French market for sales, service and spare parts.

  • 1990

     Pioneering performance in 1990

    Schneeberger launched the 5-axis grinding concept onto the market at the start of 1990. The outstanding kinematics revolutionised designs in the tool grinding machine market.

  • 1985

    CNC technology since 1985

    Schneeberger played a leading role in the development and construction of the first CNC-controlled profile grinders in 1985. This ushered in a new era in tool quality.

  • 1959

    We took part in the first international exhibition with our full range of tool grinding machines

  • 1924

    Tool grinding machines for universal use, such as the R1 depicted here for grinding wood milling cutters and profile blades, were already being produced. There has been an emphasis on precision and quality right from the outset

  • 1923

    The company was founded by

    Walter Schneeberger in 1923.