Great prospects for you in our company

Our commitment to our employees' professional qualifications starts with vocational training. You can choose from a total of five different SWISSMEM vocational training courses. Structured ongoing training on the job, accompanied by continued vocational training, courses of studies or a multitude of courses guarantee that you will remain on the ball professionally.


Work in the most modern development environments and with the latest production facilities. Innovative products are developed by using the latest technologies. Thanks to our products that anticipate the trends of customer requirements, we hold a leading position in the tool grinding machine market. Since Walter Schneeberger founded the company in 1923 and developed and produced the first tool grinding machines, we have focussed on this core competency. The machines and applications of today are accordingly sophisticated. Highly qualified engineers and technicians are provided with a field of activity with significant challenges, be it in mechanical construction, in electronics and controller development, in software and application development, or even in the production area, where we produce products to the latest production standards with highly-motivated employees. The varied managerial functions promise an interesting career.


Young people find challenging options for learning a suitable job or obtain an interesting introduction to working life after vocational training in our company. In addition, we have varied and diversified jobs for experienced experts, where independence and personal responsibility are required for high-quality results.


Progressive employment conditions, outstanding benefits and flexible organisation of working time go without saying. To find out more, send us an email. We are looking forward to hearing from you